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SEMK Botswana Annual report 2020

1. Reading Botswana newspapers online.
Halfway 2020 cookies had to be accepted on the website of Mmegi, to protect my own safety. Which I have not done. Payment was asked for reading the Sunday Standard, which I have not done either. Sometimes I look at the website of The Patriot on Sunday. Most of the news is old.

2. Keeping in touch with people in Botswana.
With a few people we broke off contact, because they had the wrong idea about the kind of help we offered. We offer advice. If this is not appreciated, there is no point in continuing the contact. What they want is money, without obligations. With Marica there is contact on whats app. We have sent her pictures of a book for herself and pictures and text of childrens books for her 3 year old nephew.

3. Collecting toys and educational materials for visit Window of Hope Center in 2020. And for the possible set up of a pre school by acqaintances in Botswana in 2021.
Toys and eductional materials have been collected, the suitcases have been packed. The plane ticket was bought.

4. Journey to Gantsi, Botswana, 28 April - 26 May to do voluntary work at Window of Hope Center in Gantsi and visit Marica.
About 20 April the flight was cancelled. Because of the COVID 19 pandemic the border of South Africa was closed. Botswana also was in lockdown.

5. Continue to write childrens stories for children in Botswana.
75 Copies were printed of the book "The story of the House Mice and the Garden Mice". It is for sale in a bookshop. Not many books have been sold, as the shop is closed because of the lockdown. They also are for sale on our website and an online market, also without sucess. Five stories have been made with pictures and text and distributed by whats app.

6. Continue to translate into English the activity scheme for a playgroup, for people in Botswana who are involved in education.
Is not done. No one was interested in it.

7. Preparations for visit Botswana in 2021.
See 3.

Halfway December I participated in a Zoom meeting with the Kalahari Peoples Fund, about their work with the San in east Namibia.

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