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Annual Report 2010


The foundation was established May 12, 2010 and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 01182985 in Wijster.

About us.

President/ secretary: (Ms) Corrie Scholtheis
Treasurer: (Mr) Henk Duin

The foundation has no paid workers but only works with a group of volunteers and a group of supporters.
Travel and accommodation to and in Botswana is paid personally.

How this started.

Around 1970 I (Corrie) attended at the North East London Polytechnic the Fashion and Textiles course. One of the lectures given there was about the Bushmen. I was so much struck by their culture and way of living that I wanted to go and visit them. 40 years later this happened.
In a news letter from Survival International I read about the Bushmen group in the CKGR and got in touch with the First People of the Kalahari (FPK) by email. This group wants to go on living on their ancestral land, which is the CKGR. I was shocked by the changes in living circumstances and I and my husband, Henk Duin, decided to help them.
In February 2010 I went to visit them. At the end of December 2010- beginning of January 2011 I went again and took them food and clothes.


Supporting the Bushmen in the CKGR in the broadest sense.

How do we do this.

  • Contact by telephone, text messages and email.
  • Gathering relevant information from Botswanan newspapers on the internet and relevant websites; contact with people in- and outside the CKGR by internet.
  • Visit to the group in the CKGR in February and end of December.
  • Giving information about the situation of the Bushmen.
  • Raising money:
    • Sale of second hand articles
    • Homemade knitting
    • Gifts
    • Gifts from other foundations
The sale of second hand articles goes partly by internet.
  • knitting is sold in a shopping mall once a month and every week during the month July- August and during two days before Easter.
  • We also sell surplus eggs from our chickens, our own produced bamboo sticks, wool from our goats, surplus chickens.

Gifts from other foundations.

Haƫlla Fund gave a laptop for the FPK.

What has the collected money been spend on.

Money has been sent for a water pump generator, petrol, tyres, food and water. For the pump we have given a personal loan, of which 300 euro is still outstanding.


An unknown number of people has supported the foundation in different sorts of ways.

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