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SEMK Botswana Annual plan 2017

Write report of visit Botswana 30 August/ 13 October 2016.

Prepare handicraft course Early Childhood and Education September 2017.

Sale of second hand articles.

Read Botswana newspapers. News which is of importance to SEMK incorporate in ”yesterday” or homepage.

Daily update of website “yesterday”.

Read research papers concerning Bushmen. Incorporate important conclusions in “yesterday”.

Maintain contacts in Botswana and make new ones.

During stay in Botswana

Give handicrafts course Early Childhood and Education.

Make snack and drink for students during break.

Give cooking lessons at boarding school.

Make contact with several authorities, namely social work, Ombudsman, newspapers,

Search for residence of Xwaa Qhoma.

Write report of journey 9 August – 27 September 2017.

If possible sale of knitwear in food store in November.
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