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SEMK Annuel Report 2019

Establish that the visa application for The Netherlands can again be done in Gaborone, Botswana, instead of Pretoria, South Africa.
This was not succesful.

If this is not successful, prepare trip to Pretoria, with Seamogano in May.

Prepare visa application Seamogano.
Done. Though it was very timeconsuming and stressful. I sent the ducuments by email, but sometimes it took 2 month for an email to arrive. I did not know if the documents I sent by email could be printed from a mobile phone, so I also sent them by post. They arrived in July, when Seamogano had already returned to Botswana. I printed them and took them with me. The visa has been obtained.

Organize visits to primairy schools in The Netherlands for Seamogano.

Trip to Botswana.
Done. The journey went without problems. The stay in Botswana was pleasant but sometimes gave stress as a few meetings were cancelled and a few extra were inserted.

Contact people in Botswana who we have supported.
This was not successful.

Invite Gaone to visit me in Gaborone.
This was not successful.

Return journey together with Seamogano.

Visit primairy schools in The Netherlands.
Four pre schools have been visited and one for the age of 6 - 8. Also one pre school for children with an intellectual restriction. Other contacted schools did not reply to my request to visit them. Two church services have been attended and one Sunday School.

Get information from NHL Stenden High School Meppel about a suitable course for Seamogano.
Information has been obtained about the pre school training course.

Depending on this further action will be taken.
Seamogano will follow a pre school teaching training course in Botswana before deciding whether to apply for the course.

A report will be written of the trip to Botswana.
Due to circumstances this has not been done.

A report will be written of the trip to Pretoria, in case this has taken place.

A report will be written of the progress of the visa application.

Reading Botswana newspapers online.
Done, nearly every day.

Financial obligations.
a. Marica schoolfee 2010, € 4.000
The money has been transferred.
b. Donations food, clothes etc. for Xwaa 2019. € 300.
The money has been transferred.

Sale of knitwear at foodstore in Beilen.
The interest was moderate, only a few people were really interested in the target of the action. The proceeds were € 101, plus a box with babyclothes and duvet covers for baby cots.

Extra donations.
The garage where we bought our car made a donation of € 100 for the streetchildren daycare center.
A firm which had not delivered the service as we had ordered, donated € 649 for the streetchldren daycare center.

Other activities.
Collecting toys and buying toys from second hand shops for the streetchildren daycare center.
Translating into English an activity scheme for a playgroup for people in Botswana who are connected with education.
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