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Annual plan 2010.


Supporting the Bushmen in the CKGR in the broadest sense.

Realization objective.

Providing financial support to the Bushmen in the CKGR; obtaining donations; sale of second hand goods and homemade articles; giving information to people where possible; reading the Botswanan newspapers; evaluation of our project in Botswana December 22 2010- January 12 2011; establishing an International Support Group for the Bushmen in the CKGR.

Contact with the Bushmen in the CKGR.

Regular email and telephone contact and visit end of 2010- beginning 2011.

Contact with others.

Survival International; James Workman, author of the book ”Heart of Dryness” and international water expert, other supporters of the Bushmen, President of Botswana.

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