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SEMK Botswana Annual plan 2019

Bring about that the visa application for The Netherlands can be done again in Gaborone, Botswana, instead of Pretoria, South Africa.
If this is not successful, prepare trip to Pretoria, with Seamogano in May.
Prepare visa application Seamogano.
Organize visits to primairy schools in The Netherlands for Seamogano.
Trip to Botswana.
Contact people in Botswana who we have supported.
Invite Gaone to visit me in Gaborone.
Return journey together with Seamogano.
Visit Primairy schools in The Netherlands.
Get information from NHL Stenden High School Meppel about a suitable course for Seamogano.
Depending on this further action will be taken.
A report will be written of the trip to Botswana.
A report will be written of the trip to Pretoria, in case this has taken place.
A report will be written of the progress of the place of visa application.
Reading Botswana newspapers online.
Other financial obligations.
a. Marica schoolfee 2010 € 4.000
b. Donations food, clothes etc. for Xwaa 2019 € 300
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