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Annual report 2014
Stichting ter ondersteuning van de Eerste Mensen van de Kalahari Botswana (SEMK Botswana)
Foundation supporting the First People of the Kalahari Botswana.


To support the Bushmen in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve (CKGR). As the Botswana government forbids us to visit the Bushmen in the CKGR we are (temporarily?) sponsoring school children and early school leavers with their school fees.

We hope to be able in the future to get permission for visiting the settlements in the CKGR.

How did we do this.

• Contact by email with two schools.
• Searching for relevant information in Botswana online newspapers and on other relevant websites; liaising with people in- and outside the CKGR by email.
• In 2014 we did not visit Botswana.
• Giving information in The Netherlands about the situation in and- outside the CKGR, and on our website.
• Raising money:
o Sale of 2nd hand articles: from our house and Marktplaats, a sales website.
o Sale of hand knitted hats, scarfs, bags etc.: from our house, once from the Jumbo food store in Beilen, once from the Department store Vanderveen in Assen, once at the Kuna Festival in Lheebroek, Drenthe, The Netherlands.
o Project: “How many knitted hats are needed for one early school leaver to return to school.” Nearly one third of the money has been collected.
o Gifts from private people, Haélla Foundation and Wereldwinkel (shop selling products from the third world) Westerbork.
o Applying to funds.
o SEMK is the owner of one sheep. The proceeds of the sale of her lambs, and the wool of this sheep and also of three other sheep, is for SEMK.
• Thakadu Camp in Ghanzi has during my stay with them made a tent free of charge for my accomodation.
• Wereldwinkel Westerbork has donating English- language books for Pioneer Academy.

How has the money been used.

School- and boarding fees for two early school leavers following the course Early Childhood and Education have been paid for. The course is during one year and three month. Pre- school education was started in a few places in Botswana in 2013, making these courses very relevant.

School fees for two children at a primary school have been paid.

For one early school leaver has the internment ship, connected to the course he followed in 2013, plus boarding fee, been paid.


The board has done its work on a nonprofit base. Several people have given support in different ways on a nonprofit base.

Our thanks goes to everybody who has supported us in 2014, in and outside The Netherlands.
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