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Opening Gope diamond mine
Sunday 27 March 2011label Diamond Mine
On March 12, 2011, the Botswanan Sunday Standard reported that a start will be made with a diamond mine near Gope village in the south east of the CKGR by Gope Exploration Company. In the company's annual report for 2010 it is stated that the organization of the camp accommodation for the camp employees is scheduled for the second quarter of 2011 and an access to the diamonds in the ground will be made. Construction of the first phase of this exciting project will begin in 2011 and in 2013 the mine will be productive.

It will be an underground mine, this in contrast with the original plan, which was an open mine. The reason is that the removal, storage and return of the layers of sand above the diamonds is expensive. In an underground mine the diamonds will be dug up quicker and there will be sooner a profit. Also, the value of the diamonds will be known earlier.

The mine is built in a very sensitive area and Gem Diamonds (the owner of Gope Exploration Company and the mine) will have to take into consideration that the CKGR is a protected area. Gem Diamonds has assured that it is aware of the environmental and social sensitivities of working in the CKGR. (social sensitivities = the impact on the lives and culture of the Bushmen who live there.)

Gem Diamonds is bound from the outset of the project to work towards a full recovery of the environment at the end of the mining project, and cause a minimal of environmental impact. It must work towards a positive, lasting legacy for the villages which are affected by the mine.

Sunday Standard - Gem Diamonds to start camp construction at Gope
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