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Tents and firewood for San Communities in Ghanzi. The need for more tents is still great
Saturday 16 May 2020
Mr. Johannes Kahuadi reported: "Three tents and firewood have been purchased from the donation given by SEMK Botswana. The tents will provide temporary shelter for 5 people per tent. The firewood was distributed to 18 households in Ghanzi town. They thank you for your support and rescuing them. These San are now living a more dignified life. They will be protected from the cold and can prepare their meals at their home. But the need for more accomodation is still great. Some people are still sleeping in the open at night.

The money was used for tents, petrol, menpower to help collect the wood and trailer rent.

There is a possibility that the lockdown will be extended until 21 May, due to our neighboring country South Africa having a high number of affected cases."

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