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Call for help!
Wednesday 30 March 2011
The good news: A group of people in South Africa has offered to restore the borehole in Mothomelo for free. A pump is already available, though it has to be seen whether it has sufficient capacity.

For an assessment of what is needed for the restoration, the contact person has to travel from Ghanzi (in the west of Botswana) to Gaborone (in the south of Botswana) to collect the people to take them to the borehole in Mothomelo (roughly 1000 km), and back.

Driving on the sandy path in the CKGR, where speed usually does not exceed the 25 km an hour, takes extra petrol. The contact person does not have this money. So he does a request for a contribution for the petrol.

For donations see money transfer information, which you will find under the button “Contact”, stating: Petrol Mothomelo borehole.

Many thanks in advance.
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