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Journal journey August/ September 2013
Tuesday 19 November 2013

Visit to student 1, training tourism course, Nampol Vocational Centre Molepolole.

This student enjoys his training and makes good progress. He is actively involved in out of school activities.
He will take his exams in December, followed by an apprenticeship of three month in a hotel, lodge or other tourism activity.
The school supports the students in finding a good place. They will keep us informed about the student’s progress. School- and boardingfees are completely paid for.
On my next visit to Botswana (April 2015 ) I will teach knitting to some students at Nampol Vocational Training Centre in their spare time.

Visit to student 2, computer course, Ghanzi.

Student 2 has finished the course and is now making good use of what he has learned.

Project 3. Primary school pupil 1, Pioneer Academy Ghanzi.

A new project is the support of a 9 year old girl. This year was the first time she went to school, within the group for 6 year olds. When the parents were at work, the girl was without supervision outside their little house. Pioneer Academy has taken her in the school without asking a contribution for the school fee, the uniform and food for 2013, as the parents do not have the funds for it.

Project 4. Primary school pupil 2, Pioneer Academy Ghanzi.

At the moment this pupil attends a government school. This is not a good place for him, because he has epileptic fits as a result of meningitis early in life. He is not supported enough at his present school to be able to learn well. There are no daycare centre for disabled people in Botswana, so it is very important that the pupil becomes as independent as possible. People can apply for a disabled persons benefit, but this is too much to die and too little to live a decent life. The request for assistance is for half the amount of the school fee and uniform.

Knitting lessons.

A young woman in Gaborone has been given a knitting lesson during one afternoon.
A woman in Ghanzi has been given a knitting lesson during one afternoon.
A knitting workshop of five days has been given in New Xade (resettlement camp for inhabitants of the CKGR, just outside the CKGR on the west border)to five women.
A knitting workshop of three days has been given in Ghanzi to five women. A European volunteer has knitted five scarfs with the wool that I had brought, and given them to the women.

Other activities.

Clothes, toothbrushes, pens, writing paper and food have been given to the farm workers and their children on the Thakadu Farm.
Clothes, food and a small tent have been given to people in New Xade.
A blanket has been given to a girl.
Eleven mice have been knitted and donated to the Pioneer Academy, to be used as teaching material in the six year’s form. At the end of 2013 they will be given to the pupils as an end of school year present.
There have been talks with several people about possible new aid projects. These will be looked at closer. General information about Botswana has been collected.
Our great thanks go to all the people and organizations in The Netherlands who made this aid possible.
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