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Journey to Botswana August/ September 2013
Wednesday 8 May 2013
The entry permit for the CKGR has been refused. The intention was to give workshops knitting, crochet and weaving in the five settlements. The reason given was, that I had been illegaly with the people in the CKGR on previous journeys. My explanition that I did not know that one is not allowed to visit friends in the CKGR, but that I now have applied for a permit, was ignored. It was repeated that the reason was my illegal stay. What am I allowed to do. "You may go into Botswana if you are able to prove that you are not going into the CKGR, which you cannot, but you may go into Botswana." This explanation we do not understand. But we are going to receive the explanition on paper. Maybe that will make it understandable. Although we have many questions about the decision, we will leave the matter as it is. If there are people who feel uncomfortable with me staying in the CKGR for giving workshops, then we shall respect that by not persisting he matter. Permission is given to assist Botswanan organisations who support the Bushmen and other indigenous people.
About this site Supporting the Bushmen so they can stay in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve and live there as they wish and as long as they wish. The CKGR was created for them.
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