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Saterday 12 May 2012
The borehole in Mothomelo was working perfectly as of mid April 2012, the water tastes great. The other boreholes still give salty water. The company which should have solved the problem, has not done so far. In the beginning of March 2012 a group of people went into Molapo to try to repair them. However, the pipes they had brought with them were of the wrong size. From Ghanzi someone went on his way to bring the right size pipes, but 40 km inside the CKGR the back spring of the car broke and the battery was flat. After 4 days the driver walked to the gate of the CKGR, borrowed a tractor to fetch his car. 10 km inside the CKGR the tractor broke down. The car has been sitting in the CKGR for a few weeks. When it was collected, it appeared all the petrol was taken out of the tank and the gadget to change the front-wheel drive into 4X4 had disappeared.

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